“Weaving the threads of Sacred Art, Shamanism and Sacred Plant Medicine together” 

Joy Ellis


Participant on the two day Sacred Art workshop -
``I can’t believe what I’ve done, I’ve amazed myself seeing what can emerge. It’s been just beautiful. Also what’s come up and how I can get in my own way and go into that negative place and then how it free flows when I’m not being critical and move through the dance of the critic. I’m amazed what you’ve taken me through in just two days and I just want to play with it now. I felt so supported and you have brought the best out in me. It’s as if something for so long has been buried and it has been ignited and come to life. A door has been opened for me and I can’t thank you enough. I feel like I’ve come home to myself``

Shamanic Healing Client who received Ancestral Healing -
“The night terrors had been going on for 25 years and it had got so bad I felt desperate to do something. The healing has made such a massive difference to my life and as time has gone on I’ve realised how much it was affecting me. Before the healing I just felt constantly hounded. I used to go to bed and pray ‘please don’t let the terror come in tonight’. I’m not frightened anymore since the healing and I just feel at peace. I feel empowered and have stepped into my own sovereignty.``