“Weaving the threads of Sacred Art, Shamanism and Sacred Plant Medicine together” 

Joy Ellis

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the most ancient of healing methods going back more than 40,000 years plus. In other cultures and indigenous tribes every village had their own shaman to bring about healing and information from the spirit world.

Shamanic healing focuses on the spiritual aspect of the malady and the aim is to restore harmony and spiritual power to the client so they are ‘powerful’ rather than ‘powerless’ and thus able to step fully into their sovereignty and reconnect to spirit. The source of revelation comes from the spirits and it is they that reveal what the sacred prescription is. It is a way of life and being, working in deep harmony with nature.

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss can occur at anytime throughout someone’s life through trauma or shock when part of the soul fragments and leaves the body. In counselling or psychotherapy it is commonly known as disassociation. Soul loss is a self protective mechanism as it is deemed to be too painfull for the soul part to stay. Soul parts can sometimes return spontaneously or through different healing modalities, one such method is Shamanic soul retrieval. During a soul retrieval the shamanic healer working in partnership with the spirits tracks the soul part and brings the pure essence of the soul part that left back to the client to help them heal and move forward in their lives fully empowered.

Energy Object extractions

Spirit intrusions or spiritual blockages is energy in the wrong place that does not belong to us which can lead to disharmony or dis-ease in the body. The shamanic healer identifies and removes these blockages to restore balance and harmony.

Power animal Retrievals

Power animals are spirit beings that have taken the form of an animal to assist us in our lives. They can be with us from birth throughout our lives or some may be present for certain periods to assist us with something specific. It is very common in our lives to lose some power due to various reasons ie. lifestyle, stress, illness, giving our power away etc. During a power animal retrieval the power animal is returned to the client for protection along with the gifts and strength of that animal so that the client becomes empowered or ‘power-full’ rather than ‘power-less’.

Ancestral Healing

Our ancestral field shapes our lives and connecting to our ancestors known and unknown helps us move forward in our lives. We can have gifts that have been passed on by our ancestors and we can also have problems and issues that we have acquired from our ancestors. This can be in the form of for eg. limiting beliefs, traits that no longer serve us, imprints that have passed down generations etc. During Ancestral Healing work unresolved issues and imprints are unravelled and healed and attention is given to honouring the ancestors.

Path of Pollen Healing

The pollen method is an ancient form of energy medicine, shamanic healing and seership working with the restoration and remembrance of the true self and reconnection to source. It is womb-centric and Its roots lie in ancient European bee shamanic practices and the potency of the feminine mysteries. There are a number of distinguishing factors to this shamanic practice:

Its practitioners are exclusively female due to the importance the womb plays to the method, being an agent and vessel of intelligence able to see, scan, witness and inform the practitioner.

The majority of work takes place in semi darkness. Darkness being an important ally and teacher in the working of this practice, better able to reveal the luminosity of the client to the practitioner and client alike.

shamanic drum and shamanic feathers on denim.