“Weaving the threads of Sacred Art, Shamanism and Sacred Plant Medicine together” 

Joy Ellis

Sacred Plant Medicine


Having such a longing to connect more deeply with the wisdom and consciousness of the plant kingdom led me to The Way of the Wise Healer apprenticeship in Sacred Plant Medicine at Derrynagitah in Ireland. As a Homeopath I was already familiar with the medicinal uses of the plants in my practice and in more recent years that has extended to the use of  vibrational essences in healing work and around the home. The versatility of plants and their properties never ceases to amaze me and in addition to the nutritional value of the wonderful  ‘weeds’ on the land and in our hedgerows I enjoy the use of  plants in my Sacred Art work both with the medium of paint and textiles.

During a healing session the healing power and deep wisdom of the plants that have an affinity with the client come forward to offer their gifts and address imbalances in the client to bring about healing.

I offer various workshops learning about Sacred Plant Medicine whether it is to do with connecting with the plants on a deeper level and learning about their medicinal properties or using the versatility of the plants in art and textiles, using plants in the making of medicine dolls or learning about seasonal foraging – the list is endless.  Workshops can be tailored to your needs, so if this attracts your attention then please just get in touch for a chat.